Russell Schwager

  Welcome to this site. This page contains links to things I have developed over the years or have found to be of interest.

School Work

  • An Enigma machine simulator - I wrote this Java applet as a senior in college for a class on cryptology. It was later submitted as an entry in the ACM's Quest for Java '97 contest. It won second place. It has also been selected as an editor's choice for (defunct). It has been featured on numerous sites including Bletchey Park at one point. It has been used in geocaching puzzles. I have made a revision that allows for cutting and pasting of the plain text and encoded text.
  • Grapher - A graphing calculator modeled after the TI-81. I wrote this java applet in grad school to submit as an entry in the ACM's quest for Java '98 contest. It won an honorable mention. Since then, I have made a revision that allows for up to 4 functions to be graphed simultaneously.

Open Source Projects

Websites that I have designed or developed

  • Hardball Dollars (Defunct) - A baseball blog and reference site containing salary and payroll information for all 30 MLB teams. The site breaks the payroll down into luxury tax dollar values and actual dollars values. It is considered one of the leading salary sites.
  • Genesis Adventures - An endurance sports promotion company.
  • Outdoor Adventure TV (Defunct) - A site dedicated to selling video content of endurance sports events.
  • Wildcat Epic Bike Race - A site representing a 4 day mountain biking race in the Catskill Mountains.